Astronomy Club Meeting

I took my kids to this past Thursday’s South Jersey Astronomy Club meeting.  We stopped at a Wawa prior to going so the kids could get a Hot Chocolate.  Wanted to make it fun and they love Hot Chocolate.  There were 2 other kids there which was great.  15 in all attended. So what do […]

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Stars and Hot Chocolate

My first sky watch last night with a local Astronomy Club.  One word, FANTASTIC!  I’ve done some reading prior to going on do’s and don’ts, how to dress, what to take etc… I took my daughter, Crystal, with me.  We ate dinner, so munchies were not going to be a problem.  Got dressed-  it was going […]

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Cygnus- The Story Behind the Stars

Cygnus is the Latin word for swan. Cygnus Mythology The constellation is a mythological representation of the swan. There are several different stories associated with the Cygnus constellation. One story involves the Greek mythological character of Leda who was the Queen of Sparta. As with many ancient Greek myths the amorous advances of the King […]

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Cygnus- Look Straight up!

Last night was a good night!  Got to see Mars (Still just an orange fuzz ball).  Venus and finally- Saturn (Way cool.  Got to see the ring around it, but it was low on the horizon and as a result you end up looking through a lot of the atmosphere and it makes it hard […]

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Globular Clusters

Amazing Astronomy club meeting last night! I took my 13 and 14 year old daughter and son to the South Jersey Astronomy Club meeting last night. Not knowing what to expect as it was my first meeting. Folks there were very nice and inclusive. Greeted us and made us feel welcome. The meeting had a […]

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Star finder fixed!

My illuminator stopped working a while back. One thing I learned is its very hard to do nighttime work without one!  So I sent it back to Televue and no problem- John had it fixed, called me at work and I got it back yesterday! Well, guess what kind of weather we are having now? […]

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My Morning Buddy

Orion is back and very nice in my SE sky!  I walk my doggie in the morning and it’s nice to have it back. Beetle juice and Rigel stick out. Best part is I’m learning this constellation and the stars that make it up. Pretty cool when you know some already. This year I will […]

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