2017 Eclipse 

Getting ready. Just confirmed my reservations in the Knoxville, TN area. Really looking forward to this very special event. 13 hour drive for a 3 minute once in a lifetime show!   Well that’s all for now- Roger

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Stellafane 2017 report

We made it!  My first long pull with my RV 400 miles. Vermont reminds me a lot of Idaho. Very hilly and not many cars on the road. I found out that Vermont is the 49th least populist state in the US. We made it at 3:30p. About an 8 hour drive.  Going up the […]

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Stellafane 2017

One day and a wake up. We are heading to Springfield VT for the annual convention. I’ve always wanted to go since I was young. This year is the year.  I will be posting from Stellafane this week.  That’s all for now- Roger

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NEAF 2017

Northeast Astronomy Forum- the world’s largest Astronomy gathering is next weekend!  Can’t wait. This year we plan on being there the whole day Saturday 4/8/2017. Kids really like it. My daughter Crystal says they have the best cheeseburgers. 😋 Here’s the link. Hope to see ya there.  That’s all for now- Roger

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Crab Nebula

The objective last night was to locate M1 (The Crab Nebula) without using a GoTo scope.  I used PSA (Pocket Sky Atlas) and a red dot finder. I located Aldeberan and Elnath (Alnath) then Zeta Tauri.  Zeta Tauri kept coming in and out from the set up time to the time I started observing 9P.  […]

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Orion XT10 New Scope

I bought a 10″ dob to add to my sky viewing repertoire. Last night my daughter and I went to our Club’s observation site.  We Had a great time! We quit a little early, but accomplished our mission.  1. Learn where SOS is and set up with Ranger.  Way easy and they were very nice. […]

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SJAC Christmas Party

Had a great time talking with folks with similar interests and being with the kids. I even got to meet Fred Schaff!  Way cool!! Astronomy clubs keeps your interest going. And even can motivate you into new directions.  Well, that’s all for now- Roger

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