Hello!  Welcome to my world. My name is Roger and I created this blog to help me in my study of Astronomy.  Astronomy from what I know is a huge area covering planetary science, Astrophotography, telescope making, spectroscopy, etc… So it shouldn’t get boring. 

About me, well I grew up in TX and joined the Navy when I was 17. Spent the next 20 years on fast attack submarines as a Nuclear Electrician and a Diver. I have travelled the entire world, including the North Pole. I now work at Salem Nuclear Generating station as an instructor and instructional designer. 

May 17,2014 I suffered a massive Heart Attack which damaged 65% of my heart. Good news is I’m still here!  Been married for 31 years.  I have 5 kids and 4 grandkids. 

I hope you enjoy my writing. 


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