Crab Nebula

The objective last night was to locate M1 (The Crab Nebula) without using a GoTo scope.  I used PSA (Pocket Sky Atlas) and a red dot finder.

I located Aldeberan and Elnath (Alnath) then Zeta Tauri.  Zeta Tauri kept coming in and out from the set up time to the time I started observing 9P.  I needed this star to locate M1 Once Zeta Tauri stayed out I was able to slew  my Dob over to it and find M1.  Once on the area it took a little while to try and see the smudge of M1.

I could not see any details other than M1 was a slight oval.  I need to experiment with darker skies.

Afterwards we needed to see Orion.  After the light smudge it was awesome to see a very bright nebula.  I could see the 5th star (E) of the Trapezium!  I tried to see (F) but could not.  trap3

I next saw the double stars of Alnitak and Mintaka in the Orion’s Belt.  These are the 1st and last stars in the belt.

I used an eye patch last night and it helped with my left eye.  Not as tired.  Made it much more comfortable.

I learned last night the Orientation of the scope is based on the eyepiece and the alignment with the scope body.  N,S,E,W is based on the scope body and the image rotation done by the optics.  Starting to make sense now.



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