Orion XT10 New Scope

I bought a 10″ dob to add to my sky viewing repertoire. Last night my daughter and I went to our Club’s observation site. 

We Had a great time! We quit a little early, but accomplished our mission. 

1. Learn where SOS is and set up with Ranger. 

Way easy and they were very nice. Boy it’s sure dark out there! Nice and level to set up to. Great place. 

2. Set up our new 10″ Dob, viewed the Orion Nebula. Way cool! It looks like an Angel flying Crystal says. I asked Crystal what kind of Nebula it was- Emission, Reflection … Crystal thought I said mission so she said it’s a mission Nebula. I asked why- she said, “Mission, you know he has a sword on his belt and he’s on a mission you know to go get people!” I thought y’all would enjoy that. I was waking up the bears 🐻 laughing so loud out there! Sorry Mike, we didn’t get emission Nebula, but that may be an easy way to remember what type of Nebula it is. 

3. Use the restroom- very nice and Crystal approves because there is TP in there😀. 

4. Close up shop and lock up. That main gate lock can be finicky. All secure. 

We also looked at Albiero (my favorite), Milky Way, and Pleiades. We counted the stars with and without the telescope. And showed Crystal what Averted vision is. Man she has good eyes 👀! But once the Hot Chocolate was gone and temperature got down to 23F we packed it in. 

Overall Mission Complete and we learned a lot. The new dob was easy to set up and use. Thanks Steve for the advice and help in Learning the scope. And Orion Nebula was very beautiful tonight.

-That’s all for now,



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