Astronomical Observations

Yep you looking up at night through a telescope are continuing on in the world’s oldest science and 1st science- Astronomy.  Ancient Babylonians notice the stars motions from around 1,800 BC on.  Very little was recorded until the invention of cuneiform writing.  Taking a reed and pressing it into a clay tablet.  Very little survived, but […]

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SkyWatch Nov 2016

Nov 18th, 2016 was the SJAC last Public SkyWatch of this year.  Temperature was not too bad.  It really started to get cold around 9pm, but I had my snow coveralls and hot chocolate with my new Stanley Thermos! My daughter and I got there at 6:30 and this time of the year it was […]

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Astronomy Club Meeting

I took my kids to this past Thursday’s South Jersey Astronomy Club meeting.  We stopped at a Wawa prior to going so the kids could get a Hot Chocolate.  Wanted to make it fun and they love Hot Chocolate.  There were 2 other kids there which was great.  15 in all attended. So what do […]

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