Cygnus- The Story Behind the Stars

Cygnus is the Latin word for swan.
Cygnus Mythology

The constellation is a mythological representation of the swan.

There are several different stories associated with the Cygnus constellation. One story involves the Greek mythological character of Leda who was the Queen of Sparta. As with many ancient Greek myths the amorous advances of the King of Gods Zeus plays a major part in the story. Zeus would often disguise himself as an animal in order to win favour or trick the objects of his affections and this story is no different.

This time his eye was drawn to Leda and he took his chance when one day when she was attacked by an eagle, Zeus disguised himself as a swan and took the queen under his wings. Leda later produced two eggs, with a set of twins being born from each, from each egg one sibling was fathered by Zeus, the other by the King of Sparta. From one egg the brothers Castor and Pollux emerged and from the other the twin sisters Helen of Troy and Clytemnestra were born. To celebrate the births Zeus placed the swan amongst the stars.

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