Globular Clusters

Amazing Astronomy club meeting last night!

I took my 13 and 14 year old daughter and son to the South Jersey Astronomy Club meeting last night. Not knowing what to expect as it was my first meeting. Folks there were very nice and inclusive. Greeted us and made us feel welcome.

The meeting had a three presentations, one on Globular clusters, one on Astrophotography and one on a free software called Stellarium. Very good quality presentations with fantastic pictures!

We learned about the Shapley-Sawyer classification system for globular clusters. A system which classifies clusters according to how dense they seem to be. 1 being the most dense or compact and 12 being the least dense of the clusters. One of the members showed a conglomeration of 77 photos of different NGC globular clusters that he has shot via his observatory. Amazing pictures of tremendous quality!

Needless to say we learned a lot last night.  We re-energized our astronomy batteries and met some good people!  I highly recommend finding your local club and going!  You will learn a lot!

Well, that’s all for now-



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