Skunky Saturn

Last night was a very good night. I set out to see all 3 planets. 

Well I must have left my view finder switch on. Battery was totally drained. 1/3N 3v battery. Oh well. I had a very rough time getting Jupiter without it. I then thought to get my red flashlight and shine it through the Televue finder and it worked great!

Jupiter was way clear. Could see numerous details, no GRS but it was very nice. 2 moons on either side of Jupiter. 
Mars, although a little better in seeing, no surface details at all. Still cool!

Saturn, had to take a break and then finally she popped up above the trees. Wow it was amazing. In my scope no less!!  Went and got the missus to look at it also- she liked it and just when I was going for another look my Astrodoggie decided he would chase a skunk. Didn’t turn out too well. Besides the skunk is way bigger than Peanut. 

So instead of viewing I spent the next hour or so de-skunking Mr. Peanut!  

Well, that’s all for now-



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