SunSpot 2546

Woke up Saturday morning ready to look at the sun.  I signed up for an alarm via Clear Skies Alarm Clock.  This is a great place to set up your viewing preferences and let the site send you an email when the viewing conditions match your pre-selected conditions.  Very easy to set up and it works pretty good.  It tends to go to spam to start out, so you may have to rescue it.  It happened to me but now it seems all fixed.


Here is my preliminary report.  No cardinal directions because I’m still learning how to do that.  But we know the spots start on the left of the sun and move across to the rights.

I looked at the SOHO website and used it to orient mine.  My final draft has the date of 5/14 and the directions on it.  Sorry I did not include them.

So I got an hour in the morning to watch before the clouds and rain came in.  That is when the TV85 came in handy.  I just moved it to the backyard sunroom and watched a groundhog that is teasing my dog everyday.  I just opened up a window and there he was.  Great views and it was a lot of fun.


Sunday morning- more sun viewing, actually 1.5 hours and it allowed me to really focus on the sketching aspect more.  My sketching tools, which I will do a post on tomorrow worked great and are in easy reach.

Well, that’s all for now-




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