Sunspots 2541 & 2542

Well the sky cleared up this morning, so to prepare for the transit tomorrow I got the scope out and very carefully set up to view the Sun. 

I made sure the view finder was covered up. 

I installed the AstroZap 1001 Baader filter. 

Installed the 20mm Plossl. 

Removed the cover for the filter. 

Used the Sol Finder ( this worked excellent)

Whamo the sun was in the eyepiece!!  Beautiful!  First time in 51 years seeing the sun first hand. The sunspot 2542 was easy to see. 

I then had to cycle the kids and wife through. It was my 12 year old daughter who picked up another tiny sunspot 2541!  Great eyes she has. 

Well now it was time to put the Ethos 3.7mm SX in. Man I could only see a little of the sun. Way too big for the eyepiece!  But the spot 2542 came in really clearly and you could see the Umbra(dark area) and the penumbra(the border greyish area). Way cool, but better on the lower eyepiece. 

Everything checked out!!  Here is a photo from NASA today and is exactly what I saw!  

I hopped on Cloudy Nights forum and asked, how long does the sun take to rotate. Interesting that the equator rotates faster than the poles. 25 versus 30 days. Why? Well the sun is a big gas ball, not a solid. Cool!  Well hot really! LOL. Best part, lots of nice folks on Cloudy Nights jumped in to help me and answer my question!  

Well thats all for now-



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