Preps for watching Mercury

My AstroZap 1001 filter came in. It’s a 110-120mm Baader filter that fits the end of a Televue 85 scope. Now I will be able to see Mercury. 

I will not be able to photograph it but I will be able to do an accurate sketch. Hope my Friend Matt will be able to get the photos. 

Here Is a great link that will explain the transit as well as show it live while it is taking place Monday 7-3 EDT. 

I’m still pretty fuzzy on why we can’t see it more often. I believe I saw something that said its due to its orbit not being in the plane of Earths?!  More studying on that one. 

My South Jersey Astronomy Club newsletter- my first came just a little bit ago. So I’m out here in the sunroom (Astro Lounge) reading and trying to understand more of it. They have a cool graph of the transit that I will share. I think I will use this to trace my log sheet on. 

It’s was cool making this post entirely in my iPhone!

Well that’s all for now-




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