Skunky Saturn

Last night was a very good night. I set out to see all 3 planets.  Well I must have left my view finder switch on. Battery was totally drained. 1/3N 3v battery. Oh well. I had a very rough time getting Jupiter without it. I then thought to get my red flashlight and shine it […]

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SunSpot 2546

Woke up Saturday morning ready to look at the sun.  I signed up for an alarm via Clear Skies Alarm Clock.  This is a great place to set up your viewing preferences and let the site send you an email when the viewing conditions match your pre-selected conditions.  Very easy to set up and it […]

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Atlas & Hercules

Yesterday was an awesome day for tellyscoping.  A little frustrating but very good overall.  I was driving home from work.  The sky was clear- not a cloud up there, which is kind of rare for the last month.  And, the conditions at night were favorable looking.  So I was looking forward to a 2fer.  Watching […]

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Mercury Transit 2016

We saw it!  Photo credit: Matt Wilson- who is a great mentor in astronomy! We set up the TV 85 with the AstroZap 1001 Baader filter and watched the transit take place from 8 am through 1100.  The clouds got too bad and then completely overcast around then.  So we went to lunch and watched […]

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Sunspots 2541 & 2542

Well the sky cleared up this morning, so to prepare for the transit tomorrow I got the scope out and very carefully set up to view the Sun.  I made sure the view finder was covered up.  I installed the AstroZap 1001 Baader filter.  Installed the 20mm Plossl.  Removed the cover for the filter.  Used […]

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Danger, Danger!

With the Mercury Transit coming Monday I’ve been reading lists of posts on StarGazers Lounge and Cloudy nights. They all have lots of people warning to be careful!  Biggest thing, cover the finder scope!  I’ve still got the red covers that came with mine. They will surely be in place.  Here’s a great video regarding what […]

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