Tycho is the crater we all know.  It is the one that has the rays facing outward from the crater.  It is roughly 53 miles wide and 3 miles deep!  Our Grand Canyon is only a mile deep!!LRO Tycho crater

This is a photo of the crater up close from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter from 2009.  You notice the huge mountain in the middle?  Here is a close up of that mountain.

tycho crater mountainThis photo was also taken from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter in 2009.

Part of the Lunar 100 project I’m doing.  I’ve found 5 of the items so far.  Storms today preclude getting out there, but soon i’m sure.

It is one thing to look at the moon and move on, another to STUDY it.  Along with studying the moon you tend to share the knowledge also, which is the best part.

Well that’s all for now,



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