Lunar 100

What is the Lunar 100?  I really enjoyed the viewing Saturday!  I took a picture through my iPhone and posted it yesterday.  I woke up yesterday morning, looked at the picture and then pulled out my “Turn Left at Orion” book- I had Dan Davis, the author autograph it at NEAF 2016!  Lucky me!!  Really nice guy- gave me a test run through the book, way cool.  I then printed the Moon and it was cool holding it in my hands.  The blackness of space is what really got me.  I then said, “What is this, and that” and the book really helped me identify some of the features.  One thing, lookin at the moon through the telescope with a right angle mirror still projects the moon backwards.  Took some thinking to get that understanding then interpret the picture.

Later I found the Lunar 100, which I’ve included the link above.  Sky and Telescope came up with this idea to help folks enjoy looking at the sky, so there are 100 lunar features to capture as part of the “Quest”.  Successful completion gives you the pride and honor of completing the Lunar 100 and grant you permission to move onto the Messier 100.  Both of which are a “Right of Passage” for budding Astronomers.  If not outright, it should be.  The goal of lunar 100 is not just to bag the site, but to learn about it as you look at each object.  That’s where the internet and Moon Maps Pro App come into play.

I found some reading on the internet where some folks do not believe in GoTo scopes, because they believe you should learn your way around the sky based on landmarks, sort of like driving around your home town.  You don’t use GPS to go to the supermarket.  Same concept.  And I found another group where they say don’t get too involved with astrophotography- enjoy the view through the eyepiece.  I really liked the photo the next day.  It helped me to start learning the moon.

To each is own- enjoy the night sky anyway you can get it.  Take your time also- its a lifetime of learning.

Well that’s all for now,




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