First Light V

Earth from the Moon

Well no bracket yet, but I did get an email saying it is at my Post Office and looks like it will be delivered today!

I thought to add this picture of the Moon wishing us a happy Earth Day today.  That big blue ball is “Home” to all of us!  Way cool if you look at this way.  Did you know that we are travelling around the sun at 66,700 mph?!  Wow, that is way fast!  How do you calculate it?  Well use the distance from the Earth to the Sun= 93,000,000 miles.  Then using the formula to figure the perimeter of a circle (orbit around the sun) P=2πr where r is the radius of the circle (center of the circle to the edge of the circle) which in this case is the distance from us to the sun.  Now we don’t exactly travel in a circle but rather an ellipse, but for this the numbers are close enough.  So with that you will get the distance we travel in 1 year.  Speed is equal to Distance divided by the time it takes to go that distance.  You will get us travelling through space at 66,700 mph- way cool!

This weekend events:

1.  Lynids meteor shower- if your weather/skies permit.

2.  Full moon- this will make seeing the meteor shower tough because of the bright sky the moon will show, but looking at the moon is a lifetime journey.

3.  If you can do neither then calculate how fast Mercury travels through space.  Don’t cheat and just Google it, but rather use the formula above and use Google to figure how long it takes Mercury to travel around the sun.  If you get it shoot me a message with your answer.

Well that’s all for now,



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