First Light Part III


This a picture of the Sky Crane that lowered the SUV size rover Curiosity (Watch the video I’ve linked- it is awesome and shows how the Rover landed) onto the Martian soil 8/5/2012.  It was an extremely difficult series of events to get to this point and it went off flawlessly!  My telescope on the other hand, still waiting on the bracket to mount the scope to the tripod, but it should be here today.  BUT- tonight I have a fire fighting drill to go to and we have a storm coming in on Friday.  Hopefully Thursday evening will be supportive of at least a moon watching session.  I just wished things worked like they did for NASA and Curiosity.

scott kellyThis great American is Scott Kelly.  I’ve did some reading about him last night and his 1 year adventure in space on board the ISS last night.

His twin bother and him were part of a NASA experiment many years in the making.  They are key to figuring out the long term effects on humans in space.  Why?  Because a manned Mars mission will be a 2-3 year long adventure in space.  Scott came down from 340 days in space this March and for the next year he will be part of ongoing tests along with his brother.

Did you know Scott grew 2 inches while in space?  Yup, all the compression was released from his spine due to no gravity.  This and many other things you can learn as it is released.  Follow  #ayearinspace for many links and information.   NASA says the full report may take up to 6 years to complete.  If you have anytime check out this story, and you will come away proud to be an American!  This man is sacrificing a lot in the name of science and the future of long term manned spaceflight.  I did.

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