First Light Part II

asperatus_priester_1024Great news.  I ordered the Televue 1011 AVT bracket through Highpoint Scientific and will be getting it in on Wednesday this week!!  I just couldn’t wait until May.

Last night, I took my tripod out and hooked up the GPS and Power Tank and started figuring things out.  I told the scope to go to the moon and it was 180 degrees plus out!  Hmmm why was that? When you set up your tripod you have to align it to North because it looks like the program uses that as a reference.  Not only aligning it to North, but to the Polar north as well.  There is a hole through the mount that you uncover and use a polar finder scope to do that.  I looked through that and its cool!  It has pictures of Orion and Cassiopeia to align with.   Tonight I will try that, I was more interested in just getting the thing to move.

After pointing the tripod to North, I tried aligning to moon again and it was pretty close- eyeball wise to the moon.  Excellent!! It works.

The Celestron VX tripod is not too heavy to lift in and out of the house, but it does have some weight to it.

Until next time,






  1. The post is cool and am eagerly waiting for pics!
    Which is the software you use to check the skies?
    I don’t know much about scopes and stuff and I have a tiny scope (A lunar one which apparently I had since I was kid)
    I use stellarium to chart the skies. Which ones do you use?

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