Learning Astronomy

So, what is the best way to learn Astronomy?  Go to an expensive university?  Go to an in-expensive university?  Or, Wing it?  Most of us can tend to just wing it, but it doesn’t have to be that.  We’ve all been around the block a time or two regarding schooling.  We know that it’s a […]

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Ethos Tonight

Tonight I will have my first opportunity to view the sky with a new Ethos 3.7 lens.  I can not wait.  I’ve heard so much regarding it.  Full report, or at least a snippet of what I think tomorrow. I have been fascinated with the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter since my observation of the Moon.  I […]

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Tycho is the crater we all know.  It is the one that has the rays facing outward from the crater.  It is roughly 53 miles wide and 3 miles deep!  Our Grand Canyon is only a mile deep!! This is a photo of the crater up close from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter from 2009.  You notice the […]

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Lunar 100

What is the Lunar 100?  I really enjoyed the viewing Saturday!  I took a picture through my iPhone and posted it yesterday.  I woke up yesterday morning, looked at the picture and then pulled out my “Turn Left at Orion” book- I had Dan Davis, the author autograph it at NEAF 2016!  Lucky me!!  Really […]

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I had ClearSkies last night and the moon and Jupiter to view!  This is a picture of the moon 4/23/2016 taken with an iPhone 6+through my eye piece using the app NightCap Pro. Boy I have a lot to learn about astrophotography!  But it was fun!!  I also got to see 4 meteors by Jupiter. […]

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First Light VI

Have you shared any of your Astronomy knowledge with anyone this month yet?  April is Global Astronomy Month– check this site out for more information.   Go ahead and do it.  Yesterday I had an opportunity to share some astronomy knowledge (what little I have) with a work colleague and it was a wonderful experience.  They […]

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